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Code of Student Conduct

The following “code of student conduct” is framed to foster and protect the core mission and objectives of the institution, to promote the scholarly and civic development of the institute’s students in a safe and secure learning environment and to protect the people, properties and processes that support the institution and its goals. Any cases of violation of these set of rules and regulations are punishable, as per the decision of Principal and College Management.

  • The students of SMVITM should display decent, exemplary conduct and character not only within the campus but also outside.
  • Attendance & Regularity: The students must be punctual and regular to the classes (as per the academic time-table), tests & examinations and should conduct themselves with dignity and decorum, befitting their professional status. Latecomers shall not be entertained to that particular class and have to utilize the time effectively by visiting the library. Every student is expected to have a minimum of 85% attendance during each semester. A shortfall in this requirement implies that the student will not be eligible to appear for the final examination. Attending the college/department organized seminars/guest lectures/formal functions etc. is mandatory for the respective students.
  • The students shall adhere to all the University (VTU) norms, as notified from time to time.
  • Mobile Phone Regulation: Carrying/using cellular/mobile phones and other wireless equipments is prohibited in the academic premises (classrooms, corridors, library, lab etc.). It can be deposited in the mobile safe locker facility provided by the Institute as per VTU norms. If any of the above mentioned equipments are found, violating the norms, the same will be confiscated by the faculty/authorities and will not be returned throughout the semester. Erring students will be punished / fined, as decided by the Principal.
  • Use of Internet for the purpose other than academic related activities, is strictly banned.
  • College Uniform and Dress Code: Uniform is the indication of unity, uniformity and integrity amongst the students of any Institute. Wearing of the uniforms is compulsory in the academic premises of the institute. Students must be in prescribed Institute uniforms at all times during the term while they are in the campus. They are required to purchase set of uniforms from the authorized supplier only and unapproved modification/ alteration in the uniforms will not be permitted.
  • Students have to wear clean, neat, decent and prescribed uniforms/clothing in the institute/campus. Ponytails, head bands, fancy ear rings, piercing the body by jewels/ornaments are not allowed for Boys. Wearing hat/cap and sunglasses inside the academic premises is prohibited. On formal functions arranged by the Institute / Department, all the students are required to wear the dress prescribed / permitted only.
  • All students must be in possession of their Institute Identity Cards, throughout their educational career in the institute. They are required to show their ID cards to the college authorities when ever demanded. Any loss of ID card should be immediately reported to the institute office. The cards must not be mutilated, defaced or rendered ineffective for identification. The card must be returned at the termination of course / withdrawal from the institute.
  • Students are required to maintain strict discipline in the college and hostel premises. Students shall observe silence in the academic areas.
  • The following are banned in the institute/campus and will be severely dealt with : All types of Intoxicants (Drugs, alcohol etc.), Smoking, Cheating, Stealing, Provocation, Threats, Pressure Tactics, Fights and use of abusive / vulgar languages.
  • Misconduct with teaching and other supporting staff of the institute and indulging in actions against the interest of the institute are punishable. Students are required to respect and obey all the instructions/directions given by the faculty/staff, from time to time.
  • Ragging is a criminal offence. Ragging in any form is strictly prohibited and any student found guilty of this, is liable to be suspended / expelled from the institute and fined up to Rs. 2.5 lakhs. In addition, the concerned students will be handed over to Police as per the Supreme Court Order and debarred from admission to any other institution.
  • Students shall not litter classrooms/other working areas of the Institute. Eating, chewing and drinking other than water during the class and carrying food and beverages other than water into the class room/academic areas, is strictly forbidden.
  • Energy Consciousness: Students shall switch off all the fans and lights when they come out of the class. All students should keep in mind that the conservation of electricity is a service to the nation.
  • Give Respect and Earn Respect: The students must give utmost respect to the Principal, Faculty & Staff members of the Institute, irrespective of their discipline/sections. The Management and other distinguished Guests frequently visit the Institute. Students shall respect them and shall always bear in mind that they are projecting an image of the Institute.
  • Library rules ( as notified from time to time) should be obeyed implicitly. Disciplinary action will be initiated against students who tamper with library books, mark on the books, deface the book or tear pages from the books.
  • Students will have to express themselves without the use of profane language or offensive body language.
  • Students who get involved in any kind of public nuisance/disturbance/crimes will be severely punished as per the decision of the Principal/Management.
  • Students are not permitted to sit anywhere near the entrance of any of the administrative/academic blocks.
  • Students may participate in healthy group activities but will not be allowed in any swarming, bullying, intimidating or harassing of faculty/staff/students.
  • Interfering or tampering any of the office records / property of college / university is a serious offence and will result in suspension / expulsion.
  • Weapons of any kind or replicas of weapons are not permitted in the college campus at any time. Criminal charges will be filed in every instance, as well as suspension or expulsion of the involved.
  • Involvement in any criminal offence under Indian Legal System will result in suspension or expulsion from the college.
  • Engaging in trade / trade activities within the premises /campus is prohibited.
  • As the Arabian Sea is rough / turbulent throughout the year, it is dangerous to venture into these waters. Hence, students are strongly advised not to venture swimming in the sea or coastal river waters.
  • Harassment / Threatening will not be tolerated. Harassment, whether written, verbal, sexual, physical, emotional or racial, is a serious offence and will be treated as such.
  • No student is permitted to possess / drive any form of mechanized transport within the campus. No student vehicle is allowed to enter the institute Main Gate / academic area / canteen / hostel area in the campus.
  • Any kind of obscene/aroused activity/gestures and display of undue affection in public places/academic area/canteen etc. within the campus, is strictly prohibited. Defying students will be punished severely and could lead to parental contact and suspension or expulsion.
  • All cases of misconduct / violation of Institute Regulations / misbehavior by the students and consequent punishments given, will be entered in the Cumulative Performance Dairy maintained by respective Teacher Guardian/Faculty Advisor. This will be referred to, while giving recommendation letters / conduct certificates to the students and shall be made available during the Campus Recruitments. Concerned parents will also be informed about such entries.
  • Any form of “Cyber Crime (Illegal activity committed on the Internet)” by the students is strictly prohibited. The defaulters will be punished as per the decision of Principal/Management.
  • Birthday parties / similar events leading to physical injury / trauma of the students, are banned in the institute premises / hostels / campus. Erring students will be punished.
  • Students having outstanding dues (college/hostel/department) are not allowed to appear for the End-Semester Examination.


Note: All the above shall be changed/modified from time to time, as and when required and shall be intimated accordingly.
The above Code of Student Conduct will come into force with immediate effect and will supersede all the previous such regulations.

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