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Student Attendance Regulations

All the students are required to attend all the classes in each subject. However, it is mandatory for a student to have a minimum of 85% attendance in individual subjects (Theory/Practical/Drawing), for being eligible to appear for the end-semester examination, in compliance with the University Norms. Generally this 15% condoning of the attendance takes care of his / her absence due to medical / personal reasons and on account of representing the institute / university in the co-curricular / extracurricular activities. However, at the end of the semester, any shortage of attendance up to a maximum limit of 10% of the total classes held in the individual subjects in that semester may be further condoned, subject to satisfying the following conditions:

  1. The desirous student must apply for the same and obtain prior permission (in writing, in the forms available in the HOD’s Offices) from the respective Institutional Activity Coordinators and HODs, without which no request for condoning of attendance will be entertained. HODs / Institutional Activity Coordinators may deny permission in cases of the student having attendance = 85% at that instant.
  2. The student has to obtain authentication in the same form, from the concerned authorities (listed below) authenticating his / her participation in the said activity and has to produce it to the HOD of the concerned department strictly within a week after the event. No letter received after this duration will be entertained by the HOD for condoning of attendance at the end of the semester.
  3. HODs will further instruct the concerned teachers handling the subject to consider such cases for condoning of attendance, subject to a maximum ceiling of 10% of the total classes held in that subject.
Sl. No. Nature of Event Concerned Authority for Authentication
01 Representing Inter­Collegiate / Inter­University Sports activity / competitions Assistant Director of Physical Education
02 Representing Inter­Institute / Inter­University Co­curricular activity/competitions; Presenting papers in conferences / Tech. Fests; Participation in Inter­Collegiate Project Competitions / Innovation Challenges etc.  Institutional Co­curricular Activity Coordinator
03 Representing Inter­Institute / Inter­University Extra­curricular activity/competitions Institutional Extra­curricular Activity Coordinator
04 Attending Placement Interviews / Campus Recruitment Tests Institutional Placement Coordinator

The attendance of each student will be calculated and displayed soon after each internal assessment test by the concerned department HODs / Student Welfare Officer. Students are advised to check their attendance position accordingly and make up for the attendance shortage, if any. HODs / SWO / Faculty Advisors / Teacher Guardians shall monitor the attendance position of irregular students, counsel them and will initiate appropriate remedial steps.

Click here to Download Application Form for claiming Condonation of Attendance

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