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Regulation for Participation In Inter-collegiate Competitions

In order to promote & control smooth & effective participation of students in various Inter¬-Institute / Inter-University Co-curricular/Extra¬curricular/Sports activity/competitions; the following regulations/guidelines are framed for implementation, with immediate effect:

  1. The interested, competent students shall approach the respective departmental faculty coordinators / SWO / Assistant Director of Physical Education and register their names for the concerned competitions.
  2. The departmental faculty coordinator / SWO / Assistant Director of Physical Education shall arrange for scrutiny / screening of such entries with the help of respective Teacher Guardians/Faculty Advisors and short¬listing of names to be recommended for participation, with due consideration of their attendance position and academic performance.
  3. The recommended names shall be forwarded to respective Institutional Activity Coordinators through HODs, for approval (along with a copy to Principal) and for necessary arrangements to be made.
  4. The recommended students should submit a formal Permission letter (format available in the college office), duly signed from their parents, to the respective Institutional Activity Coordinators
  5. The recommended students shall also submit ‘application for claiming condoning of attendance’ in the format available at the respective HOD’s office
  6. Depending upon the participating student strength and place of competition, local conveyance arrangement and accompanying faculty shall be decided by the Principal.
  7. The proposed mess area in front of Girls’ Hostel is earmarked for selected students’ practices, in the presence of a faculty member.
  8. All participating students should behave well and exhibit disciplined, solemn, decent and exemplary conduct during the participation/practices.
  9. After the competitions, the participated students along with accompanied faculty/staff shall meet the Principal/SWO along with a report on prizes won/positions obtained etc., with a copy of the report to Institutional Information Coordinator (Mr. Deepak Rao, Dept. of CSE)

All students of SMVITM shall abide by these regulations and participate sportively, with a team spirit, conducive to the credibility of the institution.

Click here to download Parent’s Permission Form.

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