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Hostel Regulations

Allotment of rooms:
  • Students must occupy rooms specifically allotted to them. They are not allowed to change rooms except with the written permission of the chief warden. However, the chief warden/ warden reserves the right to change rooms on specific reasons or as disciplinary actions, any time.
  • At the time of admission into the hostel every year, each student is required to submit a duly filled personal data form with complete contact details of parents and local guardians, if any.
  • Allotment made to a student is subject to cancellation if he/she fails to occupy the room in the prescribed time. Students will also forfeit their rooms if they fail to clear all their dues to the hostel by the prescribed date. In such cases, they will be asked to vacate the hostel.
  • Hostel accommodation is provided purely at the discretion of the Principal/chief warden and on the condition that the student agrees to abide by all the rules and regulations of the institute/hostel.
  • The Principal/chief warden may refuse hostel facilities to any student without assigning any reason or remove a student from the hostel at any time on disciplinary grounds.
  • The Principal/chief warden/warden reserves the right to enter/break open rooms in case of any violation of hostel rules, suspected unlawful activities or on the basis of security risk perceived.
  • The students are entitled for accommodation in the hostel as long as they are full time registered students of the institute. Any student who is removed from the rolls of the institute/ whose registration is cancelled, will automatically cease to be a member of the hostel.
 Hostel Discipline and Code of Conduct:
  • Every student who is allotted a room in the hostel is fully responsible for all the amenities, fixtures and furniture provided in his/ her room.
  • The rooms, common areas and surroundings should be kept clean and hygienic. They are not allowed to stick posters/ notices and scribble on the walls and doors etc. Defacing the hostel in any form is not allowed.
  • All the hostellers are automatically bound by the code of student conduct of the institution. Defying students will be punished.
  • All hostellers must return to respective hostels by 7.30 pm everyday and are not allowed to leave the hostel before 6.00 am, except for valid reasons with prior permission from the chief warden/ warden.
  • The resident of a room is responsible for any damage to / loss of the property in the room during his/her occupancy in that room and will be required to make good the damage, if any. He/she is required to fill in the inventory of the furniture and other items available and hand over the furniture & other materials in good condition when he/she changes/vacates the room/hostel. In case of damage to or loss of hostel property the cost will be recovered from the students responsible for such damage or loss, if identified, or from all the students of the hostel, as decided by the Warden.
  • Silence hours shall be strictly observed in the hostel blocks from 8.30 pm onwards. Playing of loud music and disturbing the quiet atmosphere by any other means is not permitted as it disturbs the fellow hostel mates. Earphones may be used while listening to music. Playing any kind of outdoor games inside the hostels/corridors is not permitted.
  • Boys are not permitted to enter girls’ hostel and vice-versa.
  • Pets of all kinds are prohibited inside the hostel. Feeding stray dogs/ cats inside the hostel premises is not permitted.
  • Students are advised not to indulge/ take part in any kind of mob activity/ regionalism.
  • Students are expected to use computers/ laptops for the academic and communication purposes. Misuse of computers/ laptops for playing games in late hours and other prohibited activities will be dealt seriously and the computer/ laptops will be confiscated by the warden/ chief warden.
  • Students are expected to maintain peaceful atmosphere in the hostel. Indulgence in violence will be viewed seriously and strict disciplinary action will be taken against those involved.
  • Students who are staying outside the hostel, if found involved in any form of physical violence within the hostel premises, will be suspended from the institute.
  • Outsiders / students, who are not the residents of the hostels, are not permitted to enter the hostel without written permission of the warden. If they are found involved in any illegal/ unlawful activities in the hostel premises, the local police station will be contacted for further actions.
  • All hostellers are expected to display acceptable form of behavior, maintain discipline and decorum in the hostel
  • Possession, distribution and consumption of alcoholic beverages, prohibited drugs and chewable tobacco as well as smoking in the hostel are not allowed.
  • Parties, celebrations, social or political gatherings in the hostel are not permitted without the prior and written consent of the Warden/Chief Warden.
  • Students should not arrange for any picnics outside, without specific permission of the Warden.
  • No student should stay away from his/her room during the night except with prior written permission of the warden/ chief warden. Any student, who wishes to leave the campus temporarily or otherwise, should obtain the permission of warden in writing. Those applying for permission must state the date and time of his/her intended departure and return, as well as the destination.
  • All hostel inmates must report any indiscipline or problems concerning them or their room-mate / neighbor(s) coming to their notice to the Warden/ Chief Warden directly. In case their room-mate is absent from the room or is sick / admitted in the hospital or is in any kind of physical/mental trouble or is indulging in any bad practices, the same must be immediately brought to the notice of the Warden/Chief Warden.
  • The students are advised not to keep large amount of cash or valuables in the room. The student is responsible for the safety of his/ her belongings inside the room. The hostel /college management is not responsible for any loss of private property. Hostellers are strongly advised to lock all their valuables e.g. mobile phones, laptop, watches, money etc. at all times.
  • Ragging in any form is banned inside and outside the hostel/campus. Strict action will be taken against the defaulters. No leniency will be shown to the offenders. Suspension / expulsion from the hostel/college will be the immediate disciplinary action taken. Punishment for ragging under the Karnataka Education act of 1983 can be up to one year imprisonment. Supreme Court has already defined ragging as a criminal and non-bail-able offence. Ragging is defined as “Any conduct by a student, whether by words spoken or written or by an act which includes physical abuse, lewd acts, teasing, rough or rude treatment, indulging in rowdy, undisciplined and obscene activities which cause or are likely to cause annoyance, undue hardship, physical or psychological harm or mental trauma or raise apprehension or fear in a fresher / junior student or other students or forcing a student to do any act which such a student is not willing to do and which has the effect of causing or generating a sense of shame or embarrassment or danger to student’s life or adversely affect the physique or psyche of a fresher or a junior student”.
  • Employing unauthorized persons for personal work such as washing clothes, etc., is not permitted. Members of the mess staff should not be asked to enter the hostel premises on any account.
  • The students should not screen pirated / unauthorized / unlicensed /obscene movies in their computers/laptops/mobile-phones/tablets in their rooms / common rooms. Any violation will be dealt severely. Punishment for the same will be decided by the college authorities.
  • When the students go out of their room they should switch off all fans, lights and electrical gadgets, if any. Violation will attract suitable penalty and punishment as decided by authorities.
  • Cooking, making tea etc. is not allowed in the hostel rooms.
  • Common hostel furniture must not be moved without the permission of the Warden.
  • Any damage to the hostel property must be reported immediately to the officer concerned/warden. Hostellers will be charged for all damages except damages caused by normal wear and tear.
  • The hostel/college management reserves the right to make spot-checks in the hostel rooms, without giving prior notice to the students.
  • All visitors to the hostel including the parents/guardians will have to make necessary entries in the visitor’s book available at the hostel entrance, with the warden/security guard. Visiting hours is restricted to 4.00 pm to 7.30 pm only.
  • No overnight guests/parents are permitted in a student’s room without the permission of Warden/chief warden. No person of the opposite sex either guest or otherwise shall be permitted to stay overnight in any part of the hostel.
  • Non-hostel students are not allowed in the hostel rooms, without the permission of Warden. The hosteller who violates this, is answerable to the Warden.
 Mess Charge Reduction / Leave from Mess :
  • Mess charge reduction is admissible to the residents of hostel on following grounds:
  1. Approved long holidays and semester vacation declared by the University.
  2. Leave duly sanctioned by hostel warden.
  • Period of absence due to serious illness requiring hospitalization, subject to the production of medical certificate, in genuine cases.
  • Students will be entitled for mess charge reduction only if the approved absence period is more than three days.
  • No student can claim for mess charge reduction unless he/she intimates his/her absence in advance, by applying in the prescribed form.
  • No food will be served in the rooms of the hostel for any student unless a certificate is produced from the Institute Medical Officer to the effect.
  • The mess timings are as follows and the students should strictly adhere to these timings:

           Breakfast:        7:30 am to 9:00 am

           Lunch:              12:00 noon to 2:00 pm

            Snacks:            5:00 pm to 5:30 pm

           Dinner:             8:00 pm to 9:00 pm

 Rights of Hostel/College Management:
  • Any breach of the above rules / regulations will invite an enquiry that will be conducted by the Hostel/College Management. If the student is found guilty, then the Principal/Management will take suitable disciplinary actions. Depending on the case, the management reserves the right to take severe disciplinary actions, causing even expulsion at short notice from the hostel.
  • The Hostel/College Management reserves the right to change these rules from time to time, keeping the students informed through general circulars displayed on the hostel notice boards.
  • Any student, who is found to be indulging in undesirable activities such as physical assault, damage to property etc., will be liable to the following punishments:
  • He/she will be expelled from the hostel.
  • A record of his/her misconduct will be made in the personal file / cumulative performance dairy of the institution.
  • The cost of damage will be fully recovered from him/her, together with penalty.
  • He/she may also be additionally fined, commensurate with the offence committed.

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