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Faculty Orientation Programme

SMVITM, Bantakal organized a two-day Faculty Development Program in the Institute on 29 and 30 July 2013 with the objective of enhancing the teaching skills of the faculty members and giving them better insights into the different aspects of the teaching learning process ,with special emphasis on technical education.

The programme was inaugurated   on 29 July 2013 by Prof.  HarishChandra Hebbar, MCIS, Manipal. In his keynote address, he elucidated the vital role that a teacher plays in the life of a student. He illustrated the importance of sharing leadership, team work and unity by using the analogy of birds flying in the V formation.DSC03223

In a session titled, Institutional Roadmap & Expectations from the Faculty, the Principal, Prof. Dr. Radhakrishna S.  Aithal elaborated on the  vision,  mission , core values,  objectives , strengths of the   Institute, the road  map  ahead for the next 3-5  years and how the growth of the Institute was envisioned within the next 10  years. He also explained about the rules and regulations of the Institute and briefed about the expectations of the management from the faculty,

During the 2ndsession of the day, Prof.  S.N Bhat, E& C Dept, MIT, Manipal,   delivered a  talk on The Art and Science of teaching. He elaborated on what was meant by effective teaching and professionalism. He shared with the participants the idea of the 9 C’s needed for being a successful teacher. The other major ideas he shared included the science of   teaching, Blooms Taxonomy, and Felder’s Learning  Styles.

During the  post-lunch session, Dr. Sudhakar  Nayak , KMC  Manipal  spoke  on  Teacher  as  a  facilitator  of  Change.  With his wit, wisdom, sense of humour and high energy levels, Dr. Nayak made the session both educative and enjoyable. During his highly interactive session, Dr. Nayak made the participants understand the distinction between being descriptive and evaluative and the need for teachers to be descriptive rather than evaluative. With his memorable stories and anecdotes, he drove home the importance of being a teacher with the right blend of knowledge, skills and the right attitude.

During the last session of the day, Prof. Benny Mathews, Department of English SMVITM, made a presentation on Using Dictionary as Resource to Improve Communication Skills. With some examples, he illustrated how a learner’s dictionary can be used as a resource to improve one’s proficiency in English.

 On 30-07-2013

In the first session on the morning of 30, Dr. L. L. Rodrigues, from MIT, Manipal delivered a powerful talk on How to Become an Effective Teacher, highlighting the necessary ingredients for becoming a winner in life. He also touched upon areas like desirable qualities of an effective teacher, Blooms Taxonomy, the cognitive domain, need to nurture creativity, effective teaching methodologies etc., with a wealth of appropriate examples.

In the 2nd session of the day,Dr. Swapan Bhattacharya, Director, NITK delivered a talk on Challenges for Technical Higher Education in India – Perspectives, Issues and Concerns. He elaborated on the major issues technical higher education faces in India and suggested a few remedial measures such as the inculcation of problem solving approach, integration of the basic sciences and social sciences with technical education, transition towards interdisciplinary curriculum framework etc. He also emphasized the need to revitalize the post graduate education and research in India.

In the afternoon session Prof. B.H.V Pai, from MIT, Manipal delivered a talk on Effective classroom Management.  He related the topic with some relevant and thought provoking cartoons and gave quite a few insights into the problems of dealing with students, diverse nature of students and necessary qualities required of a teacher to deal with the student problems and thereby ensuring better class room management

The last session was taken by Dr. Somashekar Bhat from MIT, Manipal, who delivred a talk on Career Profile of a Teacher with Responsibilities at Each Stage.  He gave tips on qualities of a good teacher, performance characteristics of a faculty member at different levels and the importance of loving one’s profession and the institution where he/she works.

In a brief valedictory program conducted at the end of the two-day program, some of the participants expressed their happiness over to have been given the opportunity to participate in the program and how they had benefitted by attending it. In his short address, the Principal stressed the need for teachers being open minded and continuous learners.

It’s obvious that these kinds of FDP’s are effective since they inspire the faculty and improve the method and efficiency of classroom delivery. On the whole, the program was highly beneficial for the faculty, especially the newly joined members of the faculty who don’t have substantial teaching experience. It is highly satisfying that every participant of the program has benefitted in one way or the other from attending the second FDP conducted at SMVITM.




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