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(Dr.) RAVIPRABHA K – Publications

Papers published in journals –

  1.  Raviprabha K1, Manjunatha K2, Boja Poojary3*, Vasantha Kumar3, Harish N4Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activities of Newer 3,4,5-Trisubstituted [1,2,4]-TriazolesDerivatives,International Journal for Pharmaceutical Research Scholars (IJPRS) (2015) ISSN : 2277 – 7873,V-4, I-2
  2.  Raviprabha, BojaPoojary, K. Manjunatha, K. Vasantha , N. Jennifer Fernandes and N. SuchethaKumari, Synthesis and biological activities of some triazolothiadiazoles containing ibuprofen moiety, Der PharmaChemica(2016) 8(2):1-9, ISSN 0975-413X

Papers presented in conferences –

  1.  Raviprabha K., Manjunatha K., BojaPoojary, Harish B. G., Chandrashekhar C.Synthesis and characterization of some novel analogs of ibuprofen and methylthiobenzyl moieties containing 1,3-thiazolo[3,2-b][1,2,4]-triazol-5-yl-N-phenylacetamides. Presented in the “International Conference on Recent Advances in Industrial Electrochemical Science and Technology” held at Mangalore University, Mangalore, during 05th to 07th, November, 2009. Abstract No: PP – 70
  2. Raviprabha K, Boja Poojary, Manjunatha K., Synthesis and antimicrobial studies on triazolothiadiazole bearing Ibuprofen moiety, Presented in the “National conference on Recent Trends in Chemical and Biological Sciences” held at Kuvempu University, Shankaragatta. during 30th& 31st March, 2010. Abstract No: OP – 29.
  3. Raviprabha K. Manjunatha K and Boja Poojary,Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Activities of Some S-alkylated Traizoles carrying 1-(4-isobutylphenyl)ethyl Moiety Presented in the UGC sponsored “National seminar on Expanding Frontiers of Chemistry” held on 15th& 16th December, 2011 at Vijaya College, Mulki.

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