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CIVIL Publications

Mr.Deviprakash Upadhyaya – Publications

For Conference:  D.V.T.G. Pavan Kumar, S. Deepa Sakravarthini, Deviprakash Upadhyaya, M.S. Narendra, (2015), Process Automation for Structural Optimization of Trapezoidal Box Structure with Multi-Spar-Rib Construction, 5th International Conference on PLMSS, BITS-Pilani, Hyderabad Campus, Hyderabad,15-17th December 2015. Deviprakash, Amit Kumar Onkar, M. Manjuprasad. “Optimization of Isotropic Cylindrical Shells.” International Conference on Computer Aided Engineering-CAE 2013, IIT […]

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Ms. AKSHITHA – Publications

For Conference: Akshitha, H.  Gangadhara Bhat and B Naveenachandra, (2015), Land Use and Land Cover Change Detection Study in Parts of Mangalore Taluk, Karnataka Using Multi-temporal Remotely Sensed Data and GIS Techniques, Geospatial Information and Technologies Advancement (GITA-2K15), Shri Madhwa Vadiraja Institute of Technology & Management, Bantakal, Udupi, INDIA, 17th October, 2015 , ISBN: 978-93-5254-003-7 […]

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Mr. SUNIL S HALDANKAR – Publications

For Journal: Sunil Haldankar,Chethan Kumar NT,Nagraj,B(2016), “Effect of Carbonates on Compaction Behaviour of Lime treated BC Soil treated”,Fly ash Mixtures, Proceedings of International Journal of Scientific Development and Research(IJSDR),2016,Volume-1, Issue-7, page no. 333-337   For Conference: International: Sunil Haldankar,Adnan,kritesh,preston,(2016),Improvement of lateritic soil using eggshell powder and marble dust and its comparison with lime stabilized clay,Proceedings […]

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Mr. RAVI KUMAR – Publications

  Ravikumar R “ Comparative study of reflection cracking on concrete overlay using FEM package with analytical studies” IOSR Journal of mechanical and civil engineering (IOSR – JMCE), e -ISSN : 2278-1684, p-ISSN: 2320 – 334X, PP 59-62, 2013-14. Ravikumar R “ An Experimental investigation on properties of GGBS Based GEOPOLYMER Concrete for High Volume […]

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(Dr.) ANAND V R – Publications

Journal: Akshatha Shetty, Anand V. R., Pavithra Hegde (August 2011) “Study on the Strength parameters of High Volume Fly ash concrete and Geopolymer concrete” on International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering ISSN 074 -5904, Volume 4 No 4, Page 730-737 Conference: Ganesh Mogaveera, G. Sarangapani, Anand V.R.  (May 2011) “Experimental Investigation on the effect […]

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