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Mechanical Engineering

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at SMVITM started functioning in the year 2010. The Department offers an under graduate program in mechanical engineering that covers a wide range of topics in the field of mechanical engineering such as thermal and fluid sciences, engineering design, dynamics and control, materials, manufacturing, modelling and simulation as per the VTU curriculum to suit the interests of students and meet the industry requirements.

The student intake capacity of the Department is 120. Teaching and learning activities at the Department are designed in such a way as to stimulate intellectual curiosity, creativity and innovation in students. The Department has a well qualified and experienced team of faculty members who have their specializations in the different branches/areas of mechanical engineering. The highly committed faculty with their innovative ideas guides the students with their projects and industry assignments. The efforts of faculty, well experienced supporting staff, enabling learning environment and availability of modern facilities are reflected in the excellent performance of the students. Efforts are underway to set up a Research & Development centre to initiate the research activities at the Department.

The Department frequently conducts theoretical and practical technical sessions, industrial visits for the benefit of the students and faculty under the ISTE Students’ and Faculty Chapters. These Chapters are actively involved in conducting technical talks and guest lecturers by eminent personalities from the industry and academicians from reputed institutes like IISc., IITs and NITs.  The Student Chapter is active in organizing   career guidance programs, student talent search programs, seminars, workshops, etc. as co-curricular activities throughout the semesters.

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” To become a center of excellence in Mechanical Engineering and contribute to technological and socio-economic developments “

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  • To develop the professional potential of faculty, staff and students by providing state of the art facilities.
  • To impart quality engineering education in Mechanical engineering to provide basic and specialized engineering training to meet the current and emerging needs of the society.
  • To prepare the students for successful engineering career by inculcating the leadership qualities to encourage entrepreneurship, professional and ethical responsibilities.
  • To promote collaboration with industries/institutes for academic, research and consultancy.

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The Mechanical Engineering graduates will be able to:

  • Apply the knowledge of Science and Engineering to work in diverse fields of mechanical engineering domain.
  • Design and develop mechanical engineering components and systems by the acquired technical and analytical skills.
  • Function effectively in multi-disciplinary environment by developing team spirit and professional competency.
  • Inculcate integrity and ethical values for social and environmental developments

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PO Graduate Attributes Graduates of the Mechanical Engineering program are able to:
1 Engineering Knowledge Apply the knowledge of mathematics, basic science and fundamentals of engineering to solve mechanical engineering problems.
2 Problem Analysis Identify and analyze the problems related to mechanical engineering.
3 Design & Development of Solutions Design the mechanical systems and models, and solutions to engineering problems.
4 Conduct Investigations of Complex Problems Conduct experiments, interpret and solve complex mechanical engineering problems.
5 Usage of Modern Tools Use modern tools to simulate and solve real time problems.
6 Engineer & Society Understand professional and social responsibilities.
7 Environment & Sustainability Assess the impact of engineering solutions on environment and need for sustainable development.
8 Ethics Adapt ethical values in the professional career.
9 Individual & Team Work Function individually or as a leader in multidisciplinary team.
10 Communication Communicate effectively with confidence.
11 Project Management & Finance Demonstrate the principles of management and finance in professional life.
12 Life-long Learning Understand the need of lifelong learning and to attain professional competence.
PSO-1 Entrepreneurship skill Attain the skills required to become an entrepreneur.
PSO-2 Innovation and creativity Develop innovative ideas through creative projects.

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AY 2015-16, Vol 1, Issue 1

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  • Centralized Workshop
  • CAED Laboratory
  • Metallography and Material Testing Laboratory
  • Foundry and Forging Laboratory
  • Mechanical Measurements and Metrology Laboratory
  • Machine Shop
  • Energy Conversion Laboratory
  • Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory
  • Computer Aided Modelling Analysis Laboratory
  • Heat and Mass Transfer Laboratory
  • Design Laboratory
  • R&D Center

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