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Computer Science & Engineering

Today, most of the real world activities and fields, right from calculations to space exploration are being computerized as the operations can be much faster and error free with the computer applications. This has resulted in an increased demand for skilled and competent professionals in the computer engineering sector. To cater to this, the Department of Computer Science & Engineering was established at SMVITM in 2010, offering Bachelor of Engineering course with an intake of 60 students per year. The intake was raised to 120 students from the academic year 2012-13. The Department aims at training the students to be industry-ready by the end of their course through regular curriculum as prescribed by the University and also with supplementary programs, throughout their study.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering is one of the much sought after departments at SMVITM. The Department has well qualified and motivated faculty members who are highly committed to the overall development of the students.

Along with the regular curriculum, the Department organizes various guest-lectures/invited talks by eminent faculty from reputed institutions/industry experts to keep students up-to-date about the latest technological developments. In addition to this, there are some eminent academicians appointed as Adjunct Faculty with the Department to supplement teaching, mentoring and guiding the students as well as the faculty members and also to promote research culture in the Department.

The Department has state-of-the-art laboratories equipped with high-end computers and other required peripherals to meet the academic needs of students. The Department has the most sophisticated and state of the art computer labs aimed at giving hands-on training to the students in the most advanced areas in programming and soft ware development. In addition to the existing labs, an internet lab as a central facility is being developed.

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” To become a centre of excellence, in the field of Computer Science and Engineering education and research, catering the needs of the industry and society “

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To educate the Computer Science Engineering aspirants with basic and advanced technologies, who can make a difference in competitive environments, continuously improve their technological skills, communicate effectively and be faithful to ethical values.

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The graduates of Computer Science and Engineering should have

PEO 1: The fundamental knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering to work in diverse fields of Computer Science and Engineering Industry.
PEO 2: Ability to express and demonstrate the technological skill-set to arrive at a solution to the real-world problems
PEO 3: Be effective contributors in a team, for multidisciplinary projects with effective interaction amongst peers.
PEO 4: The zeal of being updated in technology front through continuous learning.

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Graduates of the Computer Science and Engineering program are able to:

PO # Graduate Attribute Proposed PO Statement
PO 1 Engineering knowledge Acquire basic knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering.
PO 2 Problem Analysis Be able to identify, formulate and solve real world problems using computing requirements.
PO 3 Design/Development of Solutions Have the ability to conduct investigations, interpret data and provide conclusions regarding problems related to computer science & engineering.
PO 4 Conduct investigation of complex problems Be able to design, implement and evaluate a computer-based system to meet desired needs with appropriate societal considerations.
PO 5 Modern tool usage Be able to use appropriate techniques, skills, and modern tools necessary for computing practice.
PO 6 The engineer and society Demonstrate the ability of using acquired knowledge to analyze and solve societal issues.
PO 7 Environment and sustainability Be able to find sustainable solutions to the problems with the knowledge of the impact of engineering solutions in environmental contexts.
PO 8 Ethics Exhibit an understanding of professional, ethical, legal and social issues and responsibilities.
PO 9 Individual and team work Be able to function effectively as an individual as well as in a group with leadership qualities.
PO 10 Communication Be able to effectively interact with diverse group of people.
PO 11 Project Management and finance Be able to do their work with efficient resource management in a multidisciplinary environment.
PO 12 Life-long learning Understand the need for upgrading themselves through continuous learning.

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Computer Center I

Number of Systems: 33

  • C Programming Laboratory

Computer Center II

Number of Systems: 25

  • Electronic Circuits and Logic Design Laboratory
  • Microprocessors Laboratory

Computer Center III

Number of Systems: 25

  • System Software and Operating Systems Laboratory
  • Unix System Programming and Compiler Design Laboratory
  • Computer Networks Laboratory
  • Data Structures Laboratory

Computer Center IV

Number of Systems: 25

  • Database Applications Laboratory
  • Computer Graphics and Visualization Laboratory
  • Web Programming Laboratory

Computer Center V

Number of Systems: 25

  • Web Programming Laboratory
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithms Laboratory
  • Project Laboratory

Computer Center VI

Number of Systems: 24

  • Project Laboratory
  • Spoken tutorial

Central Computer Center

Number of Systems: 30

  • Hands-on workshops, Training
  • Project Laboratory
  • Online tutorials
  • Internet browsing

Language Lab

Number of Systems: 40

  • English Communication Lab

Departmental Library

CSE department has its own library having collection of more than 200 books, project reports and seminar reports. Department has access to 6 monthly Computer Science magazines including IEEE spectrum, ACM Communications, CSI Communications, Open Source For You etc.

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